The afterschoolzone is your way to locate after-school activities for your children. Opportunities from all across Harris County are at your fingertips at After-school activities are located in schools, neighborhood centers, business centers, and governmental entities such as public libraries and parks.
Are you able to provide great activities for kids in after-school programs? Afterschoolzone is your place to promote what you can offer to entertain, enrich, and enliven youth in Harris County. By entering your information into our website, you can advertise your services to parents, providers, and after-school programs across Harris County.

The Afterschoolzone is the virtual meeting place to share resources, know-how and innovative ideas. CASE uses the web site to update the community about funding opportunities, highlight model projects, and connect the community with after-school activities all across Harris County. This on-line interactive resource allows parents, providers, after-school programs, students, and the community an opportunity to connect during out-of-school time.
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