CASE for Kids Pencil Doodle Day on March 30th!

Sketching in pencil is an incredibly expressive, therapeutic and fun activity. Whether you’re an experienced illustrator or think you don’t have a single creative bone in your body, take five minutes to have a quick doodling session and see where your imagination takes you. With a pencil you can remove your mistake with an eraser, or simply rub it with your thumb to create a shaded area or interesting effect. Just be CREATIVE!  

Ideas:  Summer Vacation, Afterschool Fun, People Friendly, Pets, Nature, Fruits, Vegetables, or a simple doodled masterpiece. cupcake1.jpg

The fans have spoken!  The over 150 attendees at the CASE for Kids Spring Symposium had a chance on April 9th to view and vote on their favorite doodle!

The top 5 Fan Favorites were:

Oscar at South Houston ES

Orlando at South Houston ES

Judd at Best ES

Diego at Benbrook ES

Ayden at Benbrook ES 

Click to view all the submitted Doodles

Benbrook Elementary School- Ayden 

Benbrook Elementary School- Diego

Best Elementary School- Judd

  South Houston Elementary School- Oscar 

South Houston Elementary School- Orlando


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