Sharing Multiple Afterschool Resources and Technology

The CASE for Kids SMART Zone contains a comprehensive collection of valuable resource materials available to all Harris County out-of-school time programs. The SMART Zone contains hundreds of items including resource guides, comprehensive curriculum, activity books and kits, sports and fitness equipment, and electronics. Additionally, the zone includes a list of free, web-based curriculum and activities.  All materials are available for free use on a first-come, first-serve basis to all out-of-school time providers and programs in Harris County that serve youth ages 4 to 12. Items may be checked out for up to four weeks or longer depending on the planned duration of some comprehensive curriculum.       

SMART Zone Catalog categories:




Social Emotional Learning

To inquire about items that align with your program, please email


Activity Books

Activity books provide a quick way for after-school programs to fill in extra time, or make up an activity on a rainy day. The Lending Library has a variety of activity books ranging in subject from math to nature to college and career readiness and much more!

Activity Kits

Activity kits are comprehensive sets of curriculum that include all needed supplies and materials for the activities. Come in and check out kits for financial literacy, sports and fitness, arts and crafts, etc.

Books and Resource Guides

The Lending Library includes books for students, parents, and after-school program staff. You will find books on how to increase family engagement, both non-fiction and fiction for students, and several other useful topics. 


Curriculum and lesson plans help new teachers, as well as long-time teachers, get new ideas for how to get students engaged on a particular subject. 
Whatever subject you are looking for, you can find it in the Lending Library!


Electronics in the library include projectors, cameras, and much more. One of the most interesting devices that can be found in the library is an interpretation system that makes teaching or facilitating groups in two languages possible. 

Games and Sports/Fitness Equipment

Games are a fun way for students to learn, and through the Lending Library after-school programs can check out games on such subjects as health and fitness. In addition to board games, the library will also include a comprehensive set of fitness and sports equipment as well as the corresponding curriculum. 

Web-Based Curriculum and Activities

The internet community provides after-school programs with unlimited resources. Through the Lending Library, staff will have help filtering through some of the options out there. 

Hours of Operation

Hours: Tuesday - Friday, 9 am - 1 pm
For information about the SMART Zone, please contact:

Victoria Lopez Case

Phone: 713-696-2125

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