Stop Summer Learning Loss

Watch what happens to kids

 in the summer. See the

difference summer learning 

opportunities can make.

The National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) is a non-profit organization focused on closing the achievement gap by increasing summer learning opportunities for all youth. Just as the Harris County Department’s CASE for Kids, NSLA employs a vision that all children and youth have access to high-quality summer learning experiences to help them succeed in college, career and life.

Parents and educators, mark your calendars and save the date! Click here to find out more about this event in the Houston area.

Houston Greater Area Parents

What experiences will you share with your child this summer? 

With the kids getting out of school, and summer season starting, you may wish to consider some recommended learning activities or programs during the summer months for your kids. Summer is a perfect time to promote student enrichment with additional time to explore, discover, and build curiosity through fun and challenging learning opportunities. 

  • Parents can help children retain the knowledge and skills learned over the summer, and give them a head start on the school year ahead.

  • Parents can assist during this transition and prevent summer learning loss through engaging children in hands-on learning activities, which are especially memorable during the season of decreased academic pressure.

Click here for wonderful low cost summer activities for kids. 

Summer Afterschool/Child Care Programs in Greater Houston Area

Schools may be closed for the summer, but our brains are open for knowledge!

Schools may be closed for the summer, but children's brains are open for knowledge!
  How can CASE help you?

Your summer program is so important as a way to stop the SUMMER SLIDE!

Did you know….???

  • A 2013 survey of 500 teachers by the NLSA found that nearly 66% of teachers reported needing to devote 3-4 weeks to review and or reteach material.

  • Another 24% of teachers reported spending 5 weeks or more backtracking.  During a 40 week calendar, teachers have to spend more than %10 of their time pulling students back up to where they had been before SUMMER SLIDE!

      • CASE encourages you to talk to parents about summer learning loss and the importance of summer reading.  Visit for family resources.

      • Consider joining the free Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge-a free online reading program dedicated to children’s reading.  Visit to learn more about the event.

      • Visit the CASE Lending Library for materials to spark learning.  Students can take part in Reader’s Theatre, art, science experiments, math games, and more.  Click to see the Lending Library inventory 

Just remember.....Children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them makes an impression!

The Hidden Learning Experiences

Build Skill with Board Games (or) It’s Playtime!       It’s a Family Affair

Having fun can be a part of the learning process! That can mean playing charades using characters from books. Many popular board games reinforce language or math (think Monopoly, Battleship, Clue, Scrabble, Boggle, chess)

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Showing interest, asking questions, and encouraging children to explain thought processes are very effective ways to develop learning.

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    Practice Balance
  You may hear children ask, “Why is this important?”—this can best be answered during the summer.

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Teach and practice with your children on how to strategize to make the best use of their time.

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