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Upcoming Trainings:

March 03, 2017
Youth Voice

March 09, 2017
Structure and Clear Limits

March 24, 2017
Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in ALL You Do!

April 6, 2017
CPR and First Aid Certification Training

April 7, 2017
Successful OST Programs Start Now!

April 28, 2017
Reaching Children & Parents through Personal Love Language

Previous Training:

February 10, 2017: Bye Bye Biases: Leave them at the Door

February 03, 2017: Engineering Activities in Afterschool

January 30, 2017Literacy Integration in the Afterschool Activities

January 27, 2017: Literacy Integration in the Afterschool Activities

January 27, 2017: "Clean it Up" Customer Service in the 
Afterschool Program

January 26, 2017: CPR & First Aid Certification Training

January 24, 2017: Poverty Simulation: A Day in Their Shoes

January 13, 2017: Active Learning

December 02, 2016: Motivate, Motivate, Motivate

November 11, 2016: Re-Connected Schools: Mindfullness for Afterschool Staff

November 04, 2016:
Communicate, Collaborate, Captivate: Parent Engagement Strategies

October 28, 2016: Building Community 

October 21, 2016: Introduction to the Active Participatory Approach

October 14, 2016: Shades of Learning, Culturally Inclusive Afterschool Programming

October 10, 2016: 
Logic Models for Program Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation of Effectiveness

September 30, 2016: "Back to the Basic"

September 16, 2016: Integrating Literacy Practices in Afterschool

September 15, 2016: CPR and First Aid Certification Training

August 25, 2016:
Reframing Conflict

August 25, 2016:
 Clear Limits and Structure- YPQ Methods*

August 24, 2016: Homework Help- YPQ Methods

May 19, 2016:Mysterious Makers and Coding 101

May 12, 2016: Clear Limits and Structure- YPQ Methods*

April 15, 2016:Homework Help- YPQ Methods

April 14, 2016:CPR and First Aid certification training

April 13, 2016:
Grants for Afterschool: How to get and sustain more funding

April 7, 2016: Developing the Creative Student of all Abilities

March 31, 2016: The Key to Cultural Competence

CPR/ First Aid Training: March 30, 2016: Workshop#10314

March 24, 2016: Back to Basics: Classroom Management

2/25/2016Frameworks, Pyramids and Standards (Oh My!)

2/19/2016Behavior Management 3.0

2/18/2016Youth Engagement Ingredients to Increase Program Participation

1/28/2016Engineering for the Non-Engineer

1/22/16: Wham! Zoom! Using Comic Books in Your After school Program

1/14/2016New Year Numeracy

12/3/2015Put Some STEM In Your December

11/5/2015Put Some Swirl In Your Afterschool

10/29/2015: CPR/First Aid Training 

9/3/15:  Behavior Management 3.0 
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